Peer Review

Article submitted to this online journal will be reviewed on a peer-peer basis.  The article received will be available online (free download) after the peer review process of the journal. The language used in this journal is Indonesian. For more information about the review, please download Reviewer Kit.

Reviewing manuscripts written by fellow scientists is a privilege. However, this is a time-consuming responsibility. Therefore, the Editorial Board of the Journal of Research on Banking, Management and Accounting, the author, and the viewer appreciate your willingness to accept responsibility and dedication from a fast and fair peer-review process, as well as ensuring the quality of published articles. Thus, the journal requires reviewers who can provide useful comments and submitted manuscripts for about 1 month. The journal as a high-quality scientific journal relies on reviewers with a high level of expertise and the ability to be objective, fair, and profound in the evaluation of their manuscripts.

If the Editor of the journal has invited you to review the manuscript, please consider the following:

  1. Review the manuscript critically but constructively and prepare detailed comments about the manuscripts to help authors improve their work
  2. Review some versions of the manuscript as necessary
  3. Provide all the required information within the stipulated deadline
  4. Make recommendations to editors of the suitability of the manuscript to be published in the journal
  5. Declare to the editor any potential conflict of interest with respect to the author or the content of the manuscript requested for review
  6. Report possible research errors
  7. Suggest alternative reviewers if they cannot review the manuscript for any reason
  8. Keep the manuscript as a secret document
  9. Not utilize the work described in the manuscript
  10. Not communicate directly with the author, if somehow they identify the author
  11. Not identifying themselves to the author
  12. Not submit the manuscript assigned to another reviewer
  13. Ensure that the manuscript is of high quality and original work
  14. Inform the editor if he finds the assigned script being considered in another publication for his knowledge
  15. Write a review report only in Indonesian
  16. Comment on publications relating to the reviewed text.

 Here's a list of items to review:

  1. Novelty of the topic
  2. Authenticity
  3. Scientific reliability
  4. A valuable contribution to science
  5. Adding a new aspect to the existing field of study
  6. Ethical aspect
  7. The structure of the submitted article and its relevance to the author's guidance
  8. References are provided to support the content
  9. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  10. Scientific error